The Tobacco Free Network coalition has been in existence for many years, under a few different names, with a focus on prevention, cessation and advocacy efforts.  In April 2015, after a few years of limited activity, Tobacco Free Partners became a part of Health Net of West Michigan. The goal was to reconnect the various tobacco reduction efforts to provide a coordination of resources.  This goal of connection led to the most recent name change from Tobacco Free Partners to Tobacco Free Network. In July of 2017, the coordination of the Tobacco Free Network coalition was moved to the Kent County Health Department. The coalition continues its commitment to reducing tobacco and nicotine use in West Michigan through the connection and coordination of existing advocacy, prevention, and cessation resources.

Strategic Priorities

  • Provide educational opportunities focusing on tobacco use prevention, cessation, and advocacy for our coalition members.
  • Support local and state level policies designed to lessen the impact of tobacco and nicotine products on health.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing cessation programs and cessation resources with coalition members.
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Although there have been great strides in the reduction of tobacco use in the United States over the last 50 years, it remains the single most preventable cause of death, disease, and disability. Michigan’s tobacco use rates continue to be higher than the majority of other states. Additionally, our most vulnerable residents are at the greatest risk. The producers of tobacco and nicotine products continue to aggressively market to vulnerable populations and are expanding with the emergence of new products like e-cigarettes. With this new frontier for tobacco companies to capitalize on, the fight to reduce and prevent tobacco use is as relevant as ever.

Our Mission

To reduce tobacco and nicotine use in West Michigan through the connection and coordination of existing prevention, advocacy, and cessation resources.

Our Vision

To create a tobacco free West Michigan.

Community Partners

Special thanks to the following organizations for the opportunity to collaborate and share resources.

  • American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • Cherry Health
  • Corewell Health
  • Corewell Health – Lifestyle Medicine
  • Corewell Health – Healthier Communities
  • Degage
  • Exalta Health
  • MDHHS- Tobacco Section
  • Grand Rapids African American Health Institute (GRAAHI)
  • Grand Rapids Pride Center
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Grand Rapids Red Project
  • Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
  • GRCC Dental Hygiene Program
  • Health Net of West Michigan
  • Health Plan Advocate
  • Kent County Health Department
  • Kent County Medical Society
  • Kent Intermediate School District
  • On-Site Wellness
  • Our Hope
  • Pfizer
  • Spectrum Health
  • Spectrum Health Healthier Communities
  • Spectrum Health Programa Puente
  • Tobacco Free Michigan
  • Trinity Health
  • University of Michigan Health – West
  • Urban League of West Michigan

Get Involved

We welcome the expansion of our community partners. If you or your organization are interested in attending coalition events, the coalition meets on the third Tuesday of February, May, August, and November. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Tobacco Free Network’s Carolyn Quiney at 616-632-7218 or