Why Dads Count!

The role of fathers in our society is changing with more fathers, stepfathers, uncles, pops, and grandfathers taking active roles in the lives of their children. When fathers are involved with their children there are many benefits for themselves, their children, their families, and the wider community. There is now significant evidence to show that when fathers take a positive, active role in the lives of their children, less behavioral problems, improved social skills and better educational outcomes result.

Our Mission

The mission of Dads Count! is to encourage and assist fathers in their involvement, responsibility, and commitment towards the well-being of their children.

About Us

Dads Count! Fatherhood Coalition is a consortium of the Healthy Kent Infant Health Action Team. Its purpose is to improve the long-term health and success of children by working to enhance fatherhood within our community. The Coalition is made up of non-profit services agencies who meet monthly to develop events and educational materials to reach fathers / father-figures and provide support for them to be involved, responsible and committed fathers to their children. It is a networking group that collaborates to meet father’s needs amongst coalition and community partners.

Dads Count! works to:

  • Build awareness in the community of the importance of fathers to the well-being of their children.
  • Develop a community-wide network of agencies to provide direct and indirect services to fathers.
  • Promote father/child interactions by providing family-friendly outreach activities.
  • Coordinate group meetings and networks that enable fathers to interact with other fathers.
  • Provide educational events on topics fathers are interested in learning.


The Dads Count! Fatherhood Coalition was formed in 2006 to bring awareness to the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. At the time, though not intentional,  fathers were often left out of the services provided to mom and baby by prenatal care providers, home visiting, and early childhood (0-5) programming. Our long-term goal was to give equal focus to fathers.


Fatherhood Educational Events

  • Coaches Corner
    • Infant Safe Sleep for New Dads
    • Safety Parents: From Crib to Computer
    • Today’s Father: Loving, Learning, Leading
    • Let’s Huddle for Fatherhood
  • Foundations of Fatherhood Statewide Summit
  • Super DADS: Dads Against Dangerous Sleep – Infant Safe Sleep
  • Messiah Missionary Baptist Church’s Annual Male Conference
    • Fatherhood Track
  • Michigan Fatherhood Think Tank Conference
  • Focus on Fathers Annual Conference

Events for Fathers and Children

  • Fathers and Family Flag Football Tournament, in partnership with Strong Beginnings Strong Fathers/ Padres Fuentes
  • Bowling – Throw a Strike for Reading
  • Whitecaps Game
  • Basketball – Dads Hoop It Up!