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2024 Health Equity Conference

Breakout Sessions

Mastering Grant Writing: Insider Tips and Tricks

Grant writing can be an intimidating part of securing funding for the next big project or ongoing program. Gain valuable insights into the grant writing process through this unique opportunity to learn from seasoned grant writing experts and experienced funders through an interactive panel discussion. The session aims to demystify the grant writing process, equipping participants with the tools and knowledge to craft compelling and successful grant proposals. 


Community Engagement Compensation Model: Designing Community-Centered Models for Fair Participation and Collaboration

Interested in creating a community member compensation structure for community engagement initiatives? Join us to explore community compensation models that prioritize collaboration, equity, and meaningful participation. Participants will delve into the challenges and successes of compensating community members as equal stakeholders for their time, expertise, and contributions, while ensuring that compensation practices uphold principles of equity and empowerment.  

Data Equity: Focusing on Priority Populations in Local Data

 Data equity is essential for addressing gaps in community health in ways that truly meet the needs of community. This breakout session will highlight the importance of data equity in promoting health equity, focusing on prioritizing the needs and experiences of underserved communities within local data collection and analysis efforts. Participants will explore the lessons learned and the successes of the 2023 Kent County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and the efforts to share power in the planning and implementation process. Additionally, community partners will share their specific recruitment process and provide insight on the impact and benefits of having data briefs that are tailored to their community.

This breakout is ideal for those interested in strategies for promoting data equity, fostering community empowerment, and advancing health equity through local data initiatives.

Building Stronger Communities: Community Engagement Model Program

When community is actively involved in identifying and creating the solutions that impact their health, programs, initiatives, and projects are more likely to effectively address their actual needs. Join this informative session to learn more about the impact of community engagement, how to get involved, and key insights into effective community engagement models. This session will delve into diverse approaches that foster collaboration, participation, and empowerment within communities. Participants will gain knowledge about the value of community collaboration in ongoing public health efforts and acquire practical tools to enhance community engagement initiatives.  


Community Health Improvement Plans: Understanding, Engaging, and Taking Action Together

This breakout session will be dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) and exploring avenues for stakeholder partnership. Designed for individuals and organizations eager to contribute to community health advancement, this session offers a comprehensive overview of the 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) priority areas, current efforts, opportunities for engagement, and actionable takeaways to drive meaningful change.

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