2023 Community Health Needs Assessment

Coverpage from 2023 CHNA Final Report

2023 Community Health Needs Assessment 

Final Report


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Identifying and prioritizing significant health needs

Collect & Analyze Data

Kent County residents participated in data collection activities

Focus Groups

Behavior Risk Factor Survey

Community Survey

Prioritize Top Issues

Based on community input data, 10 topics were identified as pressing health issues.

community partners and residents reviewed data on the top 10 health issues and completed a two-part prioritization process

Ranked issues based on:

  • Magnitude/Severity
  • Root Cause
  • Ability to Impact
Compared and scored the importance of each issue relative to the other nine to produce a final prioritized list.


picture of medical professional placing hand on shoulder of elderly Hispanic man

Prioritized list of top health-related needs that were identified by the community.

Bars show the percentage of people who had each topic among their top 3 priorities.

chart of top ranking health priorities: housing, health insurance, access to medical care, access to healthy food, mental health, community safety, substance us, chronic disease, sexual and reproductive health, and access to dental care.

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